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Welcome to CAGED Unchained!

The purpose of this app is to help you understand how guitar scales develop and interact, be it Major or Minor , on the entire extension of the guitar fretboard.

You won’t be finding a list of chords or a specific song or melody on this app, but rather a theoretical and practical reference method that will let you be free to orient yourself to be able to play and improvise in any scale or tone you choose.

The idea of developing CAGED Unchained came to me after taking guitar lessons. Utilizing the CAGED system for studying the scales, I realized a particular relation, one not exemplified in a simple and direct way on any other app, website or tutorial. It was there I decided to rationalize this system in a visually unequivocal way to render it into a simple and effective learning tool.

So, with that being said…here is this app at your disposal!

CAGED Unchained does not have the pretext of being the sole exhaustive tool for this music theory; taking classes in school or privately is always highly recommended alongside the use of the app!

Okay, so at this point you might be asking yourself: yes, but…what is the CAGED system?
The CAGED system is an intuitive, immediate method of visualizing the scales and chords on the guitar fretboard.

One of the most famous guitarists who made use of this system was the legendary Joe Pass.

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